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Body Waxing

Body waxing is a popular service at Vanita's Beauty Salon. The salon has experienced estheticians who use high-quality wax to provide effective hair removal with minimal discomfort. Whether you want to maintain silky skin or prepare for a special occasion, body waxing at Vanita's Beauty Salon guarantees a professional and thorough treatment. We offer various bikini waxing services, including Deep Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood.

Eyebrow Threading

Vanita's Beauty Salon, offers exceptional eyebrow threading services for those who seek perfectly shaped eyebrows. Threading is a precise and gentle technique that results in defined and clean brows. Vanita is highly skilled in this traditional method of sculpting eyebrows according to your desired shape and thickness. You can experience the exquisite art of eyebrow threading at Vanita's Beauty Salon and walk out with beautifully arched brows.

Eyebrow Waxing

Looking to enhance your beauty naturally? Consider eyebrow waxing services at Vanita's Beauty Salon. With this treatment, you can achieve clean and defined brows that give your face a well-groomed look. Vanita is a skilled esthetician who will select the right wax type suitable for your skin type, ensuring a comfortable and effective waxing experience. You can trust Vanita's Beauty Salon to provide professional eyebrow waxing services that beautifully enhance your facial features.

Strip and Hot Wax Treatments

At Vanita's Beauty Salon, you can treat yourself to luxurious strip and hot wax treatments to achieve smooth and silky skin. Strip waxing is ideal for larger areas such as legs and arms, while hot wax treatments are perfect for sensitive areas like the bikini line and face. The salon uses premium-quality wax products to minimize discomfort and ensure a flawless finish. So why not indulge in the pampering strip and hot wax treatments at Vanita's Beauty Salon for a perfect hair removal experience?

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Facial & Body Waxing

Facial & Body Waxing, using hot wax for more comfort.

Eyebrow Threading, Waxing & Reshaping

Professional Facial Threading 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Body & Head Massages

Experience ultimate relaxation with our soothing body and expert head massages.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Professional Eyebrow and\or Eyelash Tinting.

Other Services

Some other services are also offered by Vanita's Beauty Studio