Facial & Body Waxing

Facial & Body Waxing

Facial & Body Waxing

Waxing is an easy, quick and affordable way to get rid of unwanted and extra body hair, leaving you with baby-smooth skin after your treatment.

We can offer you different types of wax treatments depending on your skin type. Our different wax types include Strip Wax, Hot Wax & Film Wax.

Our hot wax and film wax treatments are recommended for sensitive skin.

During your appointment, we can provide free consultation and examine your skin condition, providing recommendations for products to reduce irritations and sensitiveness.

(Some of our services will include a patch test and consultation on your first appointment)

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Wax Types

Choosing the right wax treatment for hair removal

Wax Types We Offer

We are happy offer a free consultation, helping you to choose the wax type best suitable for your skin type

Here you will find a summary of the different wax types we offer

Harley Strip Wax

Strip waxes are used for larger areas, we apply a super thin layer to grip the hair.

The strip wax has an extra strong grip and has no skin drag or sticky residue.

Strip Wax

For the larger areas

Harley Hot Wax

The hot waxes we use have the finest ingredients and essential oils, there low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction.

Hot wax treatments can remove hair as short as 1mm and do not leave any sticky residue

Hot Wax

For the smaller and more sensitive areas

Film Wax Application

Film wax is an amazing advancement in waxing technology. It is a hybrid between a hot wax and a strip wax possessing all the best characteristics of each. Its application is as comfortable as a conventional hot wax, paired with the lightweight “spread-ability” of a strip wax. As the wax shrink-wraps itself around the hair, it results in a much less painful hair removal treatment that effortlessly removes hairs as short as 1mm.

Film Wax

Much less painful hair removal treatment

Facial & Body Waxing Prices

Back Waxing


Bikini Waxing


Bikini ( with Hot Wax) Waxing


Brazilian Bikini Waxing


Brazilian Bikini ( with Hot Wax) Waxing


Chest Waxing (LADIES ONLY)


Chin Waxing


Chin ( with Hot Wax) Waxing


Eyebrows Waxing


Eyebrows, Upper Lip Waxing


Upper Lip & Chin Waxing


Full Arms Waxing


Full Arms & Under Arms Waxing


Full Face (inc Eyebrows) Waxing


Full Legs Waxing


Full Legs & Bikini Waxing


Full Stomach Waxing


Half Arms Waxing


Half Legs (Lower) Waxing


Half Legs (Upper) Waxing


Hollywood Bikini Waxing


Hollywood Bikini (with Hot Wax) Waxing


Lower Lip Waxing


Lower Stomach Waxing


Reshape Eyebrows Waxing


Side Of Face Waxing


Three Quarter Legs Waxing


Under Arms Waxing


Under Arms (with Hot Wax) Waxing


Upper Lip Waxing


*Starting from price, additional charge may apply for extra hair growth or extra time taken for treatment
Film Wax Application
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